Grass!365 Backyard Putting Greens provide the perfect amenity for you home. Improve your gold game from the comfort of home while providing a perfect place for kids to play. Backyard Putting Greens are perfect for the Northeast climate, with some direct sunlight snow will melt at a rapid pace. Our customers utilize their backyard golf greens almost all year-round.

Our greens are engineered to hold golf shots from 180 yards away. Even 5 to 10 yard chips add an entire new dimension to how you can use your home for practice and competitions. Invite us over to get a look at your property and design a great new amenity that will save you on your water bill, look beautiful all year and improve your short game.

Our golf philosophy is to get the ball in play off the tee, hit your next shot around the green then get up and down for par. The Golden Bear said the most important club in the bag was the driver because he knew to win stroke play golf tournaments you had to be in play. After you are in play, his second ranking club was the putter.

One of our favorite quotes from a sports psychologist dedicated to golf is, “Your long game will determine the highest number you are going to shoot and your short game will determine the lowest number you are going to shoot.”

Save the driver for the driving range and learn to get the ball in the hole right out the back door. Our putting green installations are great places to introduce juniors and others that may be intimidated by the local golf course.

Improve your short game and your property by installing “The Perfect Amenity” – a backyard putting green by Grass!365 of Connecticut.

  • Eco Friendly
  • 100% recyclable and lead free including natural sand infill
  • No maintenance or water needed
  • Turf is virtually indistinguishable from real grass
  • Full manufacturer warranties
  • Perfect for children and pets

Grass!365 Synthetic Turf and Artificial Grass products are ideal for a wide range of applications including Lawns, Commercial properties, business amenities, Pet areas, playground surfaces, Sports fields, batting cages, Golf Putting Greens and more!

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